to Oct 17

Stories From The North

An exhibition of eight brand new paintings all painted on canvas, the first time for over twenty years will take place at the Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth

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to Mar 31

The London Drawings

An mini exhibition of prints comes to The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell again. This time on the broader subject of the city, using the reportage style to create colourful & unique takes on some of London's best known landmarks. All prints are signed by the artist & have already been selling at a brisk pace.

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to May 31

The SE15 Drawings

A small collection comprising of new & old reportage style drawings based on the South East London area, it's shopkeepers & architectural sites of interest. Situated in the beautiful surroundings of The Old Nun's Head pub in Nunhead, this exhibition lasts until the end of May.

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to Oct 31

Odds & Ends-Jerusalem Tavern

This selection of work situated in the old world setting of The Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell sees both old & new work coming together, paintings & various ideas & prints that have either featured in previous exhibitions or have simply been personal projects for me.

Jerusalem Tavern-Odds & Ends.jpg
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