Wharton Magazine Illustrations

Another American commission. This time for the University of Pennsylvania’s quarterly Wharton Magazine in which I contributed five editorial pieces plus a handful of headshots for the contributors for the article in connection with the University’s collaborations with various worldwide institutions.

English Heritage Illustrations

November last year saw the start of this unique collaboration with English Heritage in connection with a permanent exhibition & new visitors centre based in the village of Corbridge along Hadrian's Wall in the heart of Northumberland. For a period of over 300 years, this Roman village evolved from a military complex into a striving civilian community & my illustrations of both artefacts found on site & adaptions of what many of the streets would have looked like will take centre stage in this modern visitors building fit for the 21st Century.

Reportage illustration for the new look Trafalgar St James Hotel

Early last year I was approached by Peter Millard & Partners, specialists in producing unique and exciting artwork schemes for hotel and luxury residential interiors, to supply a London reportage drawing for the new look Trafalgar St James. The artwork appears in every guest room in the hotel. Lovely to see the finished product, thanks to all those involved.

Laurie Anderson Illustrations

It's been an exciting project that I had to keep under wraps for just over a year. A collaboration with the American avant-garde artist/musician Laurie Anderson for her autobiography 'All The Things I Lost In The Flood' published by Rizzoli in which I contributed artwork for the cover plus seven more pieces inside the book that illustrates her early life, working from photographs that covers her extensive & varied career. It's been an immense pleasure to work alongside Laurie & her team. I was lucky enough to be invited along to a New York book launch party at her apartment earlier this month.

The new look 'Observer Food Monthly'

Great to be part of the new look 200th issue of the Observer Food Monthly with an illustration of the American singer-songwriter Randy Newman to kick off the new year. I've been producing a piece for the 'Lunch With' section since 2011 so it's nice to still be on board for the stylish re-design.

Artists profile-short film

The Instagram travel sketches have been a big success this year, so much so that I thought it fitting with the help of a wonderful short film maker Chris Hopkins to put together a profile of myself, my thoughts & working methods. It was a great experience & provides a little insight into an average day once I'm out there looking for inspiration to hit me.

F.A. Wales Magazine finished product

Look what came through the post this week. Delighted with the results of this end of season report for F.A. Wales Magazine from the guys at Departure Design

Illustrations for FA Wales Magazine

It's been quite a big undertaking working alongside everyone at FA Wales Magazine with some 8 full page reportage style illustrations taking a little over two months from start to finish. In a season that saw Cardiff host the finals of the UEFA Champions League, it was a real treat to be asked to contribute to the 2016/17 end of season review.

Bulletin Magazine

A quick turnaround for Credit Suisse & Bulletin magazine. This time, the reportage style takes a look at 'The New Asia' & how this region of the world is fast becoming one of the largest economic powers

The Daily Telegraph Business section

A fast illustration editorial turnaround for the Daily Telegraph. This time on the subject of apprenticeships & how they can give a young person the chance to earn more money with better opportunities than most college graduates.

Transwestern illustrations

A project that took up most of last year on & off so i'm happy to see the results from working with Moving Brands, the creative agency based in San Fransisco in connection with one of New York's largest property & real estate management companies Transwestern. 

Exhibition in London

Following on from the successful exhibition at the Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth in 2015, the work from 'Stories From The North' (which includes 7 brand new pieces) heads to an exclusive gallery space in Greenwich, London for a two week stay in the historic market place.

Journey By Moonlight Cover

Another book cover illustration pops through the letterbox. This time a design for the novel  by Antal Szerb from the small publishing house Pushkin Press. A major classic of 1930's literature, Journey By Moonlight tells the darkly funny story of a bourgeois businessman torn between duty & desire

An Italian book cover

Its always nice when a publishing company spots the potential for a cover from one of my non-commissioned paintings. This time it was the fantastic group Ufficio Iconografico based in Torino Italy. The painting entitled 'Man' that sold a couple of years ago to Connie Mitchell, lead singer of the pop group Sneaky Sound System, was picked to grace the cover of famous novelist & one time anti-mafia judge Gianrico Carofiglio's new book L'estate Fredda.

Italian cover 2-1000 dpi.jpg

Shop Magazine Cover

Good to be asked back to create another cover for the Global Blue Shop Magazine, this time in the reportage style & focusing on the many historic department stores situated in the beautiful city of Gothenburg

Variety Magazine Front Cover

It was an honour to be asked by Variety Magazine in the U.S. to take on a story that makes it to the cover. Commissions like these don't come around that often & i'm really pleased with the end result. Summer Redstone's daughter Shari is looking to seize control of her fathers immense media empire, will she succeed? 

Telegraph Luxury Magazine

Great to be asked back to illustrate a new housing development happening in the former BBC Television Centre in West London for the Telegraph's Luxury Magazine