Bulletin Magazine

A quick turnaround for Credit Suisse & Bulletin magazine. This time, the reportage style takes a look at 'The New Asia' & how this region of the world is fast becoming one of the largest economic powers

The Daily Telegraph Business section

A fast illustration editorial turnaround for the Daily Telegraph. This time on the subject of apprenticeships & how they can give a young person the chance to earn more money with better opportunities than most college graduates.

Transwestern illustrations

A project that took up most of last year on & off so i'm happy to see the results from working with Moving Brands, the creative agency based in San Fransisco in connection with one of New York's largest property & real estate management companies Transwestern. 

Exhibition in London

Following on from the successful exhibition at the Jack House Gallery in Old Portsmouth in 2015, the work from 'Stories From The North' (which includes 7 brand new pieces) heads to an exclusive gallery space in Greenwich, London for a two week stay in the historic market place.

Journey By Moonlight Cover

Another book cover illustration pops through the letterbox. This time a design for the novel  by Antal Szerb from the small publishing house Pushkin Press. A major classic of 1930's literature, Journey By Moonlight tells the darkly funny story of a bourgeois businessman torn between duty & desire

An Italian book cover

Its always nice when a publishing company spots the potential for a cover from one of my non-commissioned paintings. This time it was the fantastic group Ufficio Iconografico based in Torino Italy. The painting entitled 'Man' that sold a couple of years ago to Connie Mitchell, lead singer of the pop group Sneaky Sound System, was picked to grace the cover of famous novelist & one time anti-mafia judge Gianrico Carofiglio's new book L'estate Fredda.

Italian cover 2-1000 dpi.jpg

Shop Magazine Cover

Good to be asked back to create another cover for the Global Blue Shop Magazine, this time in the reportage style & focusing on the many historic department stores situated in the beautiful city of Gothenburg

Variety Magazine Front Cover

It was an honour to be asked by Variety Magazine in the U.S. to take on a story that makes it to the cover. Commissions like these don't come around that often & i'm really pleased with the end result. Summer Redstone's daughter Shari is looking to seize control of her fathers immense media empire, will she succeed? 

Telegraph Luxury Magazine

Great to be asked back to illustrate a new housing development happening in the former BBC Television Centre in West London for the Telegraph's Luxury Magazine

The Maple Project

Delighted to be part of this project in collaboration with Linton, an investment group dedicated to creating luxury real estate in the Kentish Town area of north London. My illustrations appear on their website & display many of the diverse elements that attract so many potential property owners to this part of the capital

Portraits for Wall Street Journal

A set of brand new portraits to accompany an online article for the Wall Street Journal in connection with men's fashion trends for Spring 2016

Ian McEwan Penguin pitch

You win some & you lose some. A pitch for a series of designs that would have been the basis for a collection of Penguin covers for the author Ian McEwan's most famous titles. The two submitted were Atonement & Enduring Love. Better luck next time!

Spot Illustrations for JEGI & Clarity

Delighted to be working with We Launch, a new client based here in London in connection with a re-branding of both JEGI & Clarity media corporations. No mean feat with nearly 30 spot illustrations emphasising how each company operates in the world of M&A advising across Europe & America. 

Vanity Fair on Art

Great to be working with Vanity Fair again, this time the U.K version for a special November pull out section called 'Vanity Fair on Art' in connection with museum directors & the responsibilities that they face. Check it out in print today.

'Stories From The North' exhibition

So it's finally here. It's taken a year to put together but i'm excited to announce an exhibition of new work consisting of eight paintings on canvas (the first time for twenty years at least) comes to the Jack House Gallery situated in the beautiful seaside town of Old Portsmouth. Private view on September 10th then runs until 17th October, drop by if you're in the area.

'My Life As A Mistress' for The Sunday Times Magazine

Lovely to be asked back to illustrate a short story from the poet Pele Cox for the Sunday Times Magazine. The reportage style gets an outing here as the main character begins a passionate brief affair with a wealthy married man.

Variety Magazine

Thrilled to be asked to contribute an illustration for Variety Magazine over in the U.S. on the topic of how actors keep their roles fresh in a long running series. I absolutely loved Mad Men so it was an extra pleasure to get a chance to illustrate Elisabeth Moss's character Peggy Olson as the 1970 version walks casually past her 1960 self.

Duck & Rice Soho

Sometimes projects just don't work out for whatever reason. Nonetheless it was great to be involved in this promotional illustration that unfortunately didn't get used for the new Alan Yau Duck & Rice restaurant on Berrick Street Soho, possibly a little bit too comical! 

The Daily Telegraph

It's nice to be asked back to illustrate a piece for The Telegraph. This time for the Business section within the Saturday supplement on a subject dealing with women who go back to work after an extended maternity break.